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Recruiters per school isd

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The volunteer will work once in Fall and Spring to assist me in covering all schools in a certain school district. The below are the responsibilities - Now, August and September dates being planned and can work around your schedule.

* Show up to open house, PTA meeting, or other scheduled event at schools in the school district

* Each event is 1-2 hour commitment

* Contact at table with information I will provide you with about Girl Scouts, encourage registration in GS

* Do recruitment events at the schools - after doing one with me, so you know how they run and what is expected of you.

* Time commitment is heavier in early Fall, usually 2 or 3 events per week, after that once a week at most. hope to have all in place by August for training.

Membership of $25 is required but this includes your Background Check fee. Financial Aid is available if agree to at least 5 events.


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