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Jun 30, 2016
by The Volunteer Center of Lubbock




Last week our From the Heart family volunteers boarded our Service Trolley to visit three of our

agency partners - the Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP),Family Promise, and the Lubbock

Dream Center. At each organization, families learned a little about the impact the agency makes

in our community and participated in a volunteer project.

This is the second summer we rented a trolley from CitiBus, and it is quickly becoming a favorite

event for our families. This year they experienced a lot, but the greatest impression might have

been made on our fantastic bus driver.

As she skillfully guided the trolley to each location, she asked questions of our staff about the

program and about the families. She was impressed by this group of children and adults, giving their

summer to serve others. She was impressed by the agencies she encountered along the route. She

reminisced about when her own daughter was young, and she wondered about the impact something

like From the Heart could have had on her daughter.

From the Heart is about much more than a weekly service project. From the Heart is about

instilling the value of service in young hearts. It's about building a culture of service in

families and in our communities. It's about creating great family memories while we

transform the world around us.

Our trolley driver witnessed that last week, and it inspired her. It inspired her to get involved herself,

and it inspired her to get her daughter and those around her involved.

This is what your involvement with the Volunteer Center does - it inspires community

engagement by helping people find their purpose and act on it. Thank you for being involved.

And don't miss out on the next From the Heart project!

With gratitude,
Amanda McAfee
Development Manager


Create Family Memories this Summer


Are you and your little ones making the most of this summer? Are you creating memories

together that will make a longstanding impression on your children? If those are the kind of

opportunities you are looking for, we invite you to join our From the Heart family volunteering


From the Heart events are designed to be fun for the whole family. Children as young as

four-years-old are welcome.  Projects take place every Thursday morning through August 18th.

Visit our website to sign-up, or contact Paris Wright at for more




Ignite Your Creativity


How might you develop the skill of creativity to impact your business, your community, your

world? The 2016 Service & Leadership Symposium: Igniting Creativity explores how leaders

and communities can use creativity to make real impact. Scott Sherman is a leading expert on

the most effective ways that people succeed in their attempts to change the world. You won't

want to miss his innovative keynote and strategy session.

Don't miss out on early bird pricing ending July 15th.  Register online, or contact Sabine

Wohlschlag at for more information




Come Join Our Team!


Do you want to inspire community engagement on the South Plains? Then we'd love to have

you on our team. We are currently looking for a Youth Service Coordinator.  Find out more

about the position and how to apply on our website.


Upcoming Events

For more information about these events or to find out how you can invest in the Volunteer

Center, please contact Amanda McAfee at (806) 747-0551 or email