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Family Promise Of Lubbock, Inc

Who We Are

Family Promise partners with religious congregations, community organizations, schools and local service agencies to help families transition from homelessness to permanent housing.  Host congregations provide accommodations and meals for 3 to 4 families (up to 14 people) for one week every 60 to 90. Host congregations turn their houses of worship into temporary homes to provide sleeping quarters and a hospitality room where guest socialize, do homework, and watch television. Guest are provided with evening meals and breakfasts. Volunteers from host congregations provide supportive services to the families in the program 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What We Do

Family Promise of Lubbock's mission is to provide homeless families with children the tools necessary to achieve long-term financial stability. 

Broad Vision: To help families become stable and break the cycle of poverty so that their children's children will not experience homelessness.

Family Promise was founded in New Jersey in 1986 by Karen Olson. It is one of more than a 200 Family Promise affiliates operating in 42 states throughout the United States. Family Promise of Lubbock, Inc is a non-profit, interfaith, volunteer-based organization that began reaching out to families without homes in November 1998.  Through the help of over 400 caring and concerned individuals from the community, over 600 families in the Lubbock area are no longer homeless.  

Your support of Family Promise of Lubbock is needed to continue providing temporary shelter, transportation, meals, hospitality, educational workshop and other supportive services.